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Size Chart extension for Magento 2 allows your users to feel more confident in determining the size of clothes. Your customers will definitely be satisfied enabling you to acquire regular buyers. This extension is an assistant with dynamic functionality. Magento 2 Size Chart is designed to view Magento product sizes in a popup window using size tables, images, size guides and custom HTML text. The system automatically displays the size according to the entered parameters.

  • Identification and showing the recommended size to users automatically
  • Displaying actual size for current product in the size chart button
  • Showing Size table in the popup
  • Displaying sizes and measurements of different producing countries or regions
  • Displaying one size guide to products from few categories
  • Family members. Ability to use a few measurement sets for different members
  • Different units of measurement: centimeters and inches
  • The size guide is easy to manage on the backend
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How to determine your size? How to avoid product returns? Various brands have different names for sizes. Which is suitable for me? If you have one of these questions, our extension Size Chart for Magento 2 will surely help you.

The main advantage of the Size Chart module is to determine the size according to the customer's proportions. Once the customer specifies the parameters of his/her body, he/she will see the suitable size on all the products of your site. Let's get acquainted with the assistant for choosing the size of clothes in details.

Main features:

Assistance to use right size based on customer measurements

Every chart has 2 entities: measurements and regions (i.e. size label). The customer should enter actual dimensions in special fields or select needed size from the table. Then the main size will be shown under the table and on the size chart button. The customer will see the recommended size on other tables and products as well.

Dynamic size chart on the frontend for Magento 2

Show actual size for different size attributes

Within one site you can use different values to specify the size of the garment, such as different attributes. We anticipated this. The products will display the recommended size depending on the table settings. For example, you can print numeric size labels for one product and alphanumeric characters for another. Labels will be displayed in the tables and size buttons.

Dynamic size chart labels on the button on the product page for Magento 2

Show size in cm or inch

The basic units of measurement are centimeters. But we added the ability to display all sizes in inches. So, some customers can work with centimeters and someone can work with inches. In both options, the size chart should show correct recommended size.

Use cantimeters or inches for your size chart tables for Magento 2

Family members

I have a child and I regularly buy clothes for him/her. How can I determine correct sizes?
Especially for such customers we developed functional which allow them to use size charts for few people. The customer must be logged in order to use additional functionality. Using personal account, the customer can manage sets of measurements for different people. On the frontend, additional drop-down with all the members will appear. By choosing one of them the recommended size will be changed. Please see the short gif-animation below.

How to use size chart for a few members under Magento 2. Gif animation for size chart members.

Assign size table to any product type or category/subcategory

The administrator can attach any chart to any product or category. If size chart is assigned to the category of all products (including products from the subcategories) this chart will be used within this category. For this functionality, we use the special attribute "size chart" for categories and products. By default, no products have a size chart.

How to select size chart for product or category from the backend in Magento 2

Import/Restore default size chart tables.

By default, you don’t have tables with sizes but we created functionality for import size charts from default files. Also, you can restore default data in this way if you have any distorted or lost data. For now, we provide more than 20 tables to use on your website. We will increase this number in the future. Available size charts: Women Tops, Men Tops, Girl Tops, Boy Tops, Women Bottoms, Men Bottoms, Girl Bottoms, Boy Bottoms, Women Dresses, Men Suit, Girl Dresses, Women Swim, Girl Swim, Women Outerwear, Men Outerwear, Girl Outerwear, Boy Outerwear, Women Shoes, Men Shoes, Girl Shoes, Boy Shoes.

Import or restore size charts form backend in Magento 2

User End Features:

  • Show Size Table in the popup on a detailed product page
  • Show only correct size but not all the existing ones
  • Describe necessary measurements for selected clothes
  • Provide different units of measurement: centimeters and inches
  • Enable to choose your size from the table by mouse
  • Display the sizes and measurements of different producing countries or regions
  • Display one size guide to few categories or subcategories
  • If the product does not have chosen diagram size, then it is taken from the parent category
  • Identify and show recommended size for the user automatically (you have to enter your parameters only once)
  • Display actual size for current product in the size chart button
  • Family members: enable to use few measurement sets for different members
  • Responsive design
  • Multilanguage, multistore
  • 100% open source Magento extension

Admin End Features:

  • Easy to manage any custom size chart using comfortable size manager on the backend in your Magento 2
  • Management of the size guide
  • Management of regions (countries or brands): US, UK, France, Italy, US (numeric size), Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Europe, Japan, Australia.
  • Management of measures: Neck, Torso, Arm length, Chest, Bust, Natural waist, Waist, Seat, Hips, Inseam, Foot, Height, Weight, Age.
  • Management of categories of garment: Women, Men, Girl, Boy, Baby, Body, Maternity.
  • Management of groups of garment: Top, Bottom, Dress, Swim, Suit, Outerwear, Shoes, Accessory.
  • Assignment of the sizes table to the categories of products
  • Assignment of the sizes table to the products
  • Setting of measurement unit (cm/inch) by default
  • Management of sizes for one table on one page
  • Ability to choose the actual size (for example to brand or region) for charts
  • Setting characteristics (title, description (HTML editor), image, note and connection with regions, measures, categories and groups of clothes) for the table of sizes
  • Admin part is easy and convenient to use
Please note, we can customize any part of the extension or develop new functionality. Shall you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Additional Info
Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes:

1.0.18 - September 2021
- Compatible with Magento 2.4.3
- Added missing Copyrights
- Fixed Unescaped output warnings

1.0.17 - March 2021
- added ability to choose precision for size values on the admin end

1.0.16 - March 2021
- fixed image uploader for the chart

1.0.15 - January 2021
- Compatible with 2.4
- fixed members rendering
- init popup on PDP via ajax

- fixed feet value from cache on load
- fixed issue with saving feet value

- fixed priority on the admin end for chart saving
- fixed titles for chart table on the admin end

- Added feet input (now available both: feet and inch)

- Added calc logic for kg <=> lb to the frontend

- Added option weight to a dimension attribute

- Added option height to a dimension attribute

- Display feet and inch instead of only inch

- Added compatibility with Magento 2.3

- Fixed media path for the image button

- Fixed bug when cleaning tables before importing data. Reproduced only under magneto 2.1 in compilation mode

- Option selector fixes
- Code optimization

- Initial release


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