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Size Chart extension for Magento allows your users to feel more confident in determining the size of clothes thus enabling you to acquire satisfied and regular customers. Magento Size Chart is designed to view Magento product sizes in a popup window using size tables, images, size guides, and custom HTML text. The system automatically displays the size according to the entered parameters.

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Do you have an online store to sell clothes? You, like anyone else, know the difficulties of determining clothes size. A customer has an opportunity to try on clothes in a usual shop in order to know whether it will fit him/her. But everything is different with the virtual store: there is no possibility to try it on. A virtual customer has to take seamstress tape measure to measure him/herself. But how? What parameters are the most important?

Usually, if a user has problems dealing with the site he/she leaves it. As a result, the loss of customers means the loss of money. That's why it is necessary to help them solve this problem.

Size Chart extension for Magento significantly simplifies the process of choosing the correct size. Consequently, a satisfied user becomes your regular customer.Example Size Chart button and dynamical button with your size

This extension allows admin to enter all sizes in centimeters. They will be shown in centimeters and inches on user end automatically

Family members. Key features (added in version 1.1.0)

  • Customer measurements saved on their account.
  • Multiple members available for one customer.
  • Manage measures on manager’s profile or on the product page.
  • Quickly switch among family members.

How to use feature “family members”

Family Members in dropdown list for size chart

This functionality is available only for logged customers. If the user is not logged, all the measurements will be saved to cookies. A new menu item is available on customer’s account – Size Chart Members. On this page the user has a list of family members. He/she can add new members or manage the existing ones. All the measurements, given by admin, are available to fill in. One of the members can be marked as default. Then this member will be predefined on the product page. All members are available on the size chart block in a dropdown list. When the member is changed the actual size is changed automatically. If the customer changes any measures in the popup size chart, they are immediately changed on the member’s profile. It is a very useful tool. Try yourself. Your customers will be satisfied.

Size Chart extension for Magento is designed to provide more precise definition and confidence in choosing the right size of clothes for customers. Viewing the clothes, a shirt, for example, the user will see size guide only for shirts from different producing countries. By entering your parameters in special fields, it allocates your appropriate size in the size table. It is not necessary to re-enter parameters while viewing the other goods. Sizes can be displayed in centimeters or inches. The user is also shown how and where to get the most accurate measurements.

Example Size Chart with centimeters for Magento

Size Chart available on cart page. Your buyers will always be confident in the size they have chosen.

Size Chart dimensions show on cart page and order page

You can add one size guide to few categories. All the products in this category will have selected size chart for the current category. If the size chart is not selected, it will be taken from the parent category. You can create size guide for any product type. As for size description for the table, you can enter custom HTML code: for size description, displaying image or video guides. The user can enter his/her parameters in specials fields. Your size will always be highlighted in size table. This is comfortable for all the users who have basic measurements in centimeters or inches. Sizes can be introduced in different formats by one click.

Admin part of the extension Size Chart provides wide opportunities for editing the information displayed to the user. The relationship of sizes table with the categories allows to integrate outputting chart sizes in the existing catalog quickly enough. Manage size guide on admin end. Size Chart extension for Magento

User End Features:

  • Magento Size Chart popup will be displayed on detailed product pages on your store
  • Outputting only the right size but not all the existing ones
  • Description of the necessary measurements for selected clothes
  • Units of measurement: centimeters and inches
  • Ability to choose your size from the table by one click (added in version 1.0.6)
  • Display of the sizes and measurements of different producing countries
  • Display of one size guide to few categories
  • If the product does not have chosen diagram size, then it is taken from the category
  • Categories of lower level inherit Size Charts from parent categories
  • Identification and showing the size to users automatically (enter your parameters only once)
  • Display of the actual size for the current product (if this is configured on the admin’s end) (added in version 1.0.7)
  • Use link or image button to displaying size guide popup on the product page. Display selected size on a button (added in version 1.0.7)
  • Family members (added in version 1.1.0)
  • Showing of recommended size and dimensions on cart page and order (on the backend) for each product (added in version 1.1.5)
  • Responsive design
  • Multilanguage, multistore
  • 100% open source Magento extension

Admin End Features:

  • Easy to add any custom size chart using comfortable size manager
  • Management of:
    • the size guide
    • areas: US, UK, France, Italy, etc.
    • the measurements: Neck, Bust, Waist, etc.
    • the categories of garment: Women, Men, Girl, etc.
    • the groups of garment: Top, Dress, Suit, etc.
  • Assignment of table sizes for:
    • the categories of products
    • a product
  • Setting of measurement units (cm / inch) by default
  • Management of the sizes for one table on one page
  • Ability to choose the actual size (for example, to brand or region) for charts (added in version 1.0.7)
  • Setting of sizes table characteristics such as title, description, image, note and connection with the areas, measures, categories and groups of clothes
  • The Admin part is easy and convenient to use
  • Admin can change row position in size table (added in version 1.1.9)
Additional Info



Magento Comunity Edition 1.7.x - 1.9.x

Download Installation Guide

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Release Notes

Release Notes

  • 1.2.34 fixed members init
  • 1.2.32 fixed default member selecting
  • 1.2.31 added default and active members. disallow set default member on frontend
  • 1.2.30 removed adding attribute to all attribute sets during installation extension
  • 1.2.29 added filter to numbers only and allow save zero values
  • 1.2.28 added feature: change dimention values in input when swithing
  • 1.2.27 imroved translations
  • 1.2.26 removed dimension required
  • 1.2.25 clear session after login
  • 1.2.24 fixed default first member
  • 1.2.23 fixed mass action on backend
  • 1.2.22 Fixed disappeared image for button for Size Chart on the product page
  • 1.2.21 Optimized save session flow
  • 1.2.20 Fixed label for the member. Fixed 'you name' label. Changed labels to "Suggested Size"
  • 1.2.19 Added ability to disable chart on the separate product
  • 1.2.18 Added option to disable member's logic on the frontend
  • 1.2.17 Fixed export to CSV
  • 1.2.16 Added ajax mode (optionally), small optimizations. Added names to size chart blocks in layouts
  • 1.1.15 Added ability to use static blocks in the description
  • 1.1.14 Added priority to dimensions on the frontend. Fixed cookies on the cart page
  • 1.1.13 Added priority logic to the backend side
  • 1.1.12 Fixed member selector
  • 1.1.11 Change functionality based on the cookies to sessions. Improvements for chart sizes positions on the backend. Fixed multi-links in columns on the grid on the backend
  • 1.1.10 Filtered category by enabling on the chart edit page. Fixed member error
  • 1.1.9 Added position to Size chart table on the backend


Receiving a 404 Error after installation
Please logout from admin panel and login again, and clear Magento cache.

I installed the extension by Installation Guide but no change on user end. What have I done wrong?
This happens, for example, when the site is on flat data. You need to do a full reindex datа: System -> Index Management -> Select All -> Submit (field Actions should be Reindex Data)

  1. A great extension


    I had problems with the extension at the time of intalar, they installed it totally free, very good support and very fast, the extension is very dynamic and until now there is no other like it, I recommend it 100%

  2. The best size guide for magento


    I was looking for an extension that would help buyers to easily figure out the size of their clothes. All the extensions I reviewed before were static, not comfortable and did not fit the size you have already selected. This application is not a complete guide to size. But it remembers my size and recommends it when looking at different products. I am very pleased to find him. I recommend

  3. Very useful extension


    I highly appreciate the help of the support team. The Size Chart application has been installed through Magento Connect without any problems. But I tried to display some size tables on separate pages. I contacted the support team and guys quickly helped me. It turns out there is even an instruction how to do it yourself. Also, these guys have made me customizations specifically for my new project. This is not the first extension I purchased in this company. I recommend everyone and hope to cooperate with them in the future.
    Regards, Mustafa

  4. Exactly what I need


    Size Chart extension can output size in centimeters as well as inches. That's cool. I have created a table to belts. Set the size in centimeters, and the extension calculates and displays itself in centimeters and inches as well. It's very easy. I am very satisfied. Thank averun team for practical extension.

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