Magento Security Patching Service

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We can install all the security patches for your both Magento 1 and Magento 2 versions including the latest ones.


It is always a great opportunity to build your business solutions quickly by utilizing open source software. However, in this case, your e-shops are more prone to various hacker attacks since not only you but a lot of other people are well-versed into the internals of the application/ open source tools. Whenever money is involved, there are those who would be happy to take advantage of you and your customers.

In order to keep your data safe and be sure that your shop is not vulnerable to hacker attacks, it is of utmost importance to install Magento security patches.

If you have already decided to install one, it is high time to choose a development team who would assist you with the process. Due to the fact that installation is a time-consuming process requiring specific knowledge and much efforts, more and more merchants prefer to resort to the services of professionals.

In case you are looking for speed and quality, let us help you. We can install all the security patches for your both Magento 1 and Magento 2 versions including the latest ones.


Step Process from your side:

  • Provide us with the SSH and store admin panel access


Step Process from our side:

  • Logging in to the client’s (customer’s) Magento admin panel, disabling ‘Complilation’ and clearing the cache and check if system works correctly.

  • Creating a website copy thus ensuring data integrity. (We do not practice installation of patches on the live websites.)

  • Patches installation on the copied site

  • Testing copied site to check the installed patches.

  • Patches installation on the live website

  • Clearing the cache and enabling ‘Complilation’


If core Magento files were not changed on your website, there should not be any complications. In case any issues occur, we would let you know. Our developers can fix the modified files and deal with all the issues for the additional payment.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Interested in details regarding security patches - visit the official Magento website



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