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Product Review with Images extension for Magento allows increasing your sales. It enables users to see product images and video on real people and with real people. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Version for Magento 2 available on the page Product Review with Images for Magento 2
Include this option into your purchase and let us take care of the installation. This option does not include any conflict fixing.

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Product Review with Images extension for Magento not only gives the possibility for customers to load images for their reviews but it also allows them to share their photos. People love to show themselves and share information, especially visual. In other social networks this won’t be so popular.

What are the advantages you get by buying Product Review with Images? Pages of your products will become more informative and have a better look. An administrator can delete any image from the customer review if it does not meet the site policy. Therefore, the feedback page will become more trustworthy.

What benefits does the customer get? Most importantly - an opportunity to see how the product looks like in a real world. In case of buying clothes - the way the product looks on another person. After all, the look clothes have on photo-models usually differs from the way they are on a regular person. This will make people be more confident in choosing a product. It will also reduce the percentage of product refusals like "It didn't fit me well" or "I thought it would look like in the photo".

Thumbnail images on customer review list in MagentoThumbnail add large images on customer review list in Magento

We recommend the application primarily for shops selling clothes. Here it will bring the greatest benefit.

So, the application will increase your sales and the number of visitors, reduce the number of rejections or goods returns, decorate review page.



  1. Upload multiple images with customer review in Magento
  2. Add a link to a video from YouTube. It can be enabled/disabled by admin (added in version 1.1.0)
  3. Display user photo in review list and a separate one in full size
  4. The more photos – the more customers in your store
  5. No need for registration to upload photos
  6. Admin can manage uploaded images and their titles
  7. Images are resized and optimized for quick loading automatically
  8. Set custom sizes for images from admin end
  9. Responsive design
  10. Multistore
  11. Quick installation
  12. Simple usage
  13. 100% happy customers guaranteed ;)
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Magento Comunity Edition 1.7.x - 1.9.x

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Download Installation Guide

  1. Excellent extension & excellent support


    This extension works perfectly - exactly what I needed! Because of my custom theme, I needed some support to get it working correctly. Support was super helpful, responded quickly and made this a 5 star experience all the way around. Thank you!

  2. Great addition to reviews on site


    Of course it is something everybody needs. But my main concern was how to implement on my custom them with Reviews on product page in single view, with lots of javascripts for showing additional reviews etc...
    But somehow I managed with the help of the support... Really great addon for the Reviews!!!

  3. Useful extension for reviews


    The extension Product Review with Images for Magento is very simple and useful. I installed it on my website by self. Without any problems. For now, on my website, I have many customers photos. It is new unique content. Very good for SEO. In addition, the reviews look more meaningful and beautiful. Also, I can post the review with video from YouTube.
    I recommend this extension to all websites.

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