Extended Contact for Magento 2


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Module Extended Contact for Magento 2 allows to save contact messages, customer information and send replies.

  • Automatic Contact Messages storing
  • Contact Messages Reply Form
  • Custom Reply Template
  • Contact Reasons: adding different reasons (departments) and sending email to different addresses
  • Clean and simple Contact Messages managing
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By default in Magento, customer messages submitted via the contact form are not kept in the database. Admin can receive notification via email about the new request from a contact form.

Our extension gives more capabilities.

First of all, you get a powerful tool for managing messages from the contact form. All contact messages will be saved in the database and available from the backend. You can reply to the message directly from the admin. We stored all replies too. So, you will have all history about contact messages and replies to them.

By default in Magento, all notification send to one email address (usually is admin email). After installing our module, you will have the ability to send contact messages to different emails. We added a new field to the contact form called Reason. When sending the form, the customer selects the reason from the dropdown for applying to you. This can be one of the default reasons (General, Sales, Billing) and others. After all, you can edit them directly from the admin. And add new ones. For each reason, you can specify a separate email. Then the notification will come to the selected email and not to the admin email.
Simple admin grid with all necessary fields, filters and sorting will help you to quickly manage your data.

Customer messages submitted via form are not kept in Magento 2 Contact Module by default.

Module Averun Extended Contact for Magento 2 allows to save contact messages, customer information and not only.

Available In module:

Admin Contact Messages

Simple admin grid with all necessary fields, filters and sorting. 

Extended Contact Message Grid Magento 2

Message View & Reply Modal

Message View

Extended Contact Message View Magento 2

Message View

  • check and view customer information
  • view all sent replies messages by date

Reply Modal

Extended Contact Message view Reply modal for Magento 2

No more mail-box checking - view contact message and just press "Reply" to send message replies.

  • Check contact requests, customer information and send replies from admin panel
  • Send replies from admin panel and customer will be notified
  • Check your sent replies or saved customer information
  • Custom reply email template available which can be customized for different purposes

Contact Reasons

Contact Reasons - add your own themes for messages. Billing, Shipping, Orders, Payments and more. Create custom Contact Reasons to simplify contacting with customers. Add separate email to –°ontact Reason for receiving Contact Message emails by selected Contact Reason.

Extended Contact Reason edit for Magento 2

CRUD based Contact Reasons Grid. Create, update, delete Contact Reasons for your purposes.

Multi-store and Multi-language available - set Titles, Emails and Enable Contact Reasons for different stores and languages.

Extended Contact Reason Grid for Magento 2

Contact Reasons would be available in drop-down select on Contact Form.

Extended Contact Front Form with Reasons for Magento 2


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Automatic Contact Messages storing
  • Clean and simple Contact Messages managing
  • Contact Message Reply Form
  • Custom Reply Template
  • Contact Reasons
  • Multi-store & Multi-language
  • Cross-platform & cross-browser
  • 100% Open Source

Averun Extended Contact for Magento 2 - simplify cooperation with your customers and make it easier to work with Contact Messages.

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Magento Comunity Edition 2.1.x - 2.2.x

Installation Guide for Extended Contact extension for Magento 2

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